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  • $80.00$140.00

    Strong bud with a satisfying indica stone.

  • $80.00

    Might be a couple weeks past it’s prime but make no mistake: this is proper BC bud with a strong, penetrating indica high.

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    This came through an associate of Reaper – and it comes highly recommended.  Reaper told this us was a deal we couldn’t pass up – and he was right.  It’s got massive, boulder-sized nugs that are absolutely covered with resin. These nugs look like they should be framed. They are…

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    This stuff lands on the perfect sweet spot between strength and value. Zero compromise on quality smoke for the low price of 130/oz. Classic kushy aroma, reminds us of a nice cut of OG Kush or Rockstar. You can feel and smell the freshness, and it’s got a decent amount…

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    Sourced locally to ensure the lowest possible price. A hard-to-describe aroma of “MKU meets Hashplant” with a pure indica high.