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    The high is energetic and creative yet seems to reduce anxiety and racing thoughts.

  • $40.00$180.00

    A crazy sativa-dominant hybrid that will stink up the room with a candylike orange aroma and kick you into high gear.

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    Bright green, crystal-stuffed nugs with an intense pineapple scent. This is the kind of bud that won’t stop you from thinking, moving and doing whatever you gotta do.

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    Absolutely legendary strain from guys who have been refining these genetics since back in the day. The results are spectacular bud with an awesome high – at a price that *will not* be beat. Through direct relationships with growers like this we are able to bring you guys cheap bud…

  • $40.00$180.00

    Thin Mind Girl Scout Cookies X Sunset Sherbert. Does that sound delicious or what? Two legendary strains came together to product this brilliant confection. Buds are medium sized. Very sticky – sticky enough to pass the wall test. Especially right now because this stuff is freshly landed from BC. Nugs…

  • $40.00$180.00

    Ultra frosted and intensely creamy nugs with a perfectly balanced high.