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  • $100.00

    Despite the low price there is nothing in this combo that doesn’t hit you with a proper high. Features 7g each of: Pink Glue smalls (reg. 120/oz), Redwood OG (reg. 100/oz), Mimosa smalls (reg. 110/oz) and Darth Diesel (reg. 120/oz.)

  • $80.00

    Might be a couple weeks past it’s prime but make no mistake: this is proper BC bud with a strong, penetrating indica high.

  • $75.00

    Tight buds with that classic Recon smell. Packs a decent punch at an ultra-low price.

  • $80.00

    Back for the last time, limited quantity. Small, dense, crystal-encrusted nugs. Straight from BC. Backed up by some respectable genetics: Jelly Breath and Purple Punch. A creamy and cakey aroma with hints of candy and fruit. The high is balanced. Relaxed but not sleepy. Sociable and upbeat but not frantic…

  • Sale

    Sourced locally to ensure the lowest possible price. A hard-to-describe aroma of “MKU meets Hashplant” with a pure indica high.

  • $50.00

    Dark, hashy, leafy and dry. Cheapest weed we’ve ever had, but perfect for baking. 2 full ounces for $75.