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  • $95.00$165.00

    We sourced this premium shatter from a well-known and respected Victoria Island grower, Reaper. this guy is a perfectionist and has provided some of our most coveted high end strains. His shatter is what you’d expect: very clear, clean, smooth smoking with an intense high. Made from a medley of the top quad strains he produces. at under $100 per 3.5 grams this is the best deal in town. compare at $50 per gram elsewhere for this level of quality.

  • $95.00$165.00

    Legendary Vancouver Island grower Reaper has blessed us with some high quality shatter – made from the strain Strawberry Glue. Its almost translucent with a light amber tinge; potent, clean and smooth on the lungs.  Limited Quantities

  • $45.00

    The highest level, premium live resin. Prepackaged into 1g containers.