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  • $180.00

    A ounce of straight quad indicas for only $180. All fire. Includes crops from respected growers like 24k (Zoap) and Island Boys ( Pink x Yeti Glue) that are usually priced much higher on the menu. Currently features 7g each of: Cali Zoap, Pink x Yeti Glue, Bitches Brew Pink, and G13.  Note: cannot be combined with our Free HQ promotion.

  • $140.00

    All gas. All indica. All quality fire, no duds. All full oz for $140. Currently features 7g each of: Pink Gas, El Jefe, Reaper Pink Glue, and Peanut Butter Rockstar. Might be the best deal on the menu.

  • Sale

    Gorgeous buds that are dark purple with bright hairs. So many white THC crystals that they cover the buds like a blanket. An indica-dominant high that hits like a kush with a slight boost of levity and giggles.

  • $100.00

    A full oz of bud broken up into four types. Sorry, no substitutions on this one. Currently features 7g each of: Pink Gas, Purple Rockstar (smalls), Cali Zoap (smalls), and Hashplant. Sorry, no substitutions on this one. Note: cannot be used in combination with our free HQ promo.

  • $75.00

    Large, airy buds. Aroma of pure hash – some love it, others hate it. They high is very similar to hash – a slow, calming, lethargic feeling that makes it impossible to feel any anxiety or racing thoughts.

  • $40.00$180.00

    Perfect cure, perfect trim and so thick with resin that the half pounds are like bricks. Classic kush aroma – more like an OG than a Pink. The high is pure narcotic bliss.

  • $40.00$170.00

    Peanut Butter Breath X Rockstar. Dense, firm, fresh fresh buds. Hard-hitting indica smoke. As always with Miss Greenthumb, you get more than you pay for.

  • $70.00$120.00

    Small buds, heavy indica buzz. Resinous to the touch.

  • Sale

    Dark purple buds. Creamy smell of Sherbert with the berry smell of Grandaddy Purps. An indica-dominant high with no debilitating burnout.

  • Sale

    These nugs are thick, firm, sticky and stinky. Slaps hard with a classic Pink Kush vibe. Reduced from 180/oz. One of Miss Greenthumb’s best to date.

  • $40.00$200.00

    Boulder-sized nugs with an intense aroma of both apricot and gas. A high that combines anxiety-free relaxation of a kush with a boost of sociability and easygoing vibes.

  • $40.00$200.00

    Basically the definition of what a Pink Kush should be. Gassy as hell, sticky as glue, and packing an intense couch lock high.

  • $40.00$160.00

    Hits all the marks: big buds, perfect cure, very sticky, gassy with a potent stone. As always with The Hippies, an amazing quality for the price.

  • $80.00$140.00

    It’s got a unique aroma that is parts woody, creamy, dank and sweet. Expect a narcotic indica high that will surprise alot of you “gas” aficionados out there. Popcorn sized buds.

  • $150.00

    This is one of the best Buck Fiddy’s we’ve ever had! Loaded with premium strains. One hundred and fifty bucks gets you a full oz of some high quality strains that normally retail for well above this price. Cannot be combined with our free HQ deal. Currently features 7g each of: Reapers Pink, Jelly Breath, Pink Glue, and Predator Pink  . Please Note: Cannot be combined with the free Half-Quarter Promotion.

  • $80.00$140.00

    Classic kush nugs with a perfect cure. Aroma is OG Kush with a banana undertone. A nice tranquilizing high that’s perfect for kicking back on the couch. Currently on sale.