Sugar Loaf (smalls)



Small buds bursting with crystals and sugary aroma. Evenly balanced high that won’t leave you tired out.

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This stuff is very, very frosty – as you can see from the picture. Buds are around popcorn sized – some a little smaller, some a little bigger. They’re supple and fresh. The aroma lives up to the name – a syrupy, sugary confection with undertones of Gorilla Glue aroma. This stuff really bursts with a surprising amount of crystals for a cheap $100 ounce. It hits with an evenly balanced hybrid high. Good for those warm summer days. It keeps you buzzed but doesn’t leave you tired and burnt out. For the price, on sale for$100/oz with a free $40 HQ of your choice and free delivery, it’s a good deal.


Sociable Leaves you at ease but engaged. Prepare for laughs and good times.

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