Next Level Cartridge


1 Next Level vape cartridge. Each cartridge contains 900mg of THC. Next Level is the only vape brand we carry because we have been through a lot of different ones and these are definitely our favorite. They are reliable and very potent, which a thick and satisfying exhale.

Note: you can get 2 cartridges for $80.

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Next Level Cartridge

Strains include:
-Sour Gummies -Skywalker OG
-Vader OG -Yoda OG
-Venom OG -Grapefruit Haze
-24K Gold -Grease Monekey -Red Bull
-Bananas and Blow -Pineapple Express -Destroyer
-King Kush -Deathstar -Gorilla Glue
-Death Bubba


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