Ice Cream Cake


The legendary indica strain that ushered in the “creamy” cannabis wave.

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This strain is damn near a legend in California – and now the world. It helped usher in the wave of “creamy” strains that hit like hardcore indicas. This came from a quality grow. Buds are ultra-dense and hard, but still fresh and not dry at all. Snap when bent. Very proper cure. These nugs are elongated, not small and rounded like strains with kush genetics. They also light green and covered in bright white crystals. Just as this strain is known for. It does indeed have a lowkey “creamy” aroma. Mixed with herbal notes. And despite it’s looks and smells, keep in mind this is a mostly indica strain. About 80% indica. And it’s well known for it’s effects. It’s been a staple “medicinal” strain for years. It infuses you with an easygoing, laidback frame of mind that will slow your mind down to a crawl. Great for anxiety or just erasing those daily worries. As you melt away into a blissful relaxation, you may find yourself scrolling through Uber Eats. This is high quality bud at a low price and honestly. Direct from growers.

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