Gas Mask 2.0


Alot of people will skip past this because it doesn’t have “kush” or “pink” in the name. That is a major mistake. Because this a dank and pungeant gas that will slap you right upside the head.

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There’s alot of Gas Mask genetics out there on the market. But this is the best we’ve seen. Hands down. We’ve labelled this Gas Mask 2.0 to distinguish it from the Gas Mask we get from another grower that retails at a much lower price. Do *not* get them confused. It’s sad because alot of people will skip right past this because it doesn’t say “Pink” or “Kush” in the name. That’s a crying shame. Because this crop from Miss Greenthumb is kusher, gassier, and a hell of alot stronger than most Pink Kush on the market. It’s got that funky, pungeant gas that’s almost unpleasantly dank. Thick, solid nugs. The basement-like gas smell gets all over your fingers when you handle it. And the high slaps you upside the head. It’s the kind of indica that puts you in another zone – a disconnected, sedative euphoria that leaves you confused in the best way. In terms of strength, this is hard to beat without going over the 240/oz mark. Miss Greenthumb keeps cranking out surprisingly high quality bud for low prices, proving you don’t have to drop serious cash to smoke seriously potent bud.

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