Chocolate Thai


Locally grown. Hazy, hashy, anxiety-reducing high.

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Our people demanded more bud for less dollars. And we are coming through. This stuff is locally grown, but it’s not total trash. Buds have a strong hashy aroma, with a light gas undercurrent. Also has an aroma of freshly cut grass. It’s similar to the Skelly Hashplant that has been popular recently. Nugs are medium sized, okay trim job. Supple. Strong aroma. The buzz is straight indica – it’s that hazy, hashy, anxiety-reducing high that helped make this one of the most popular strains in the world decades ago. $65 an ounce, $100 for two ounces. Note: no free HQ on locally grown products.


We do Canada-wide mail order! And free same day cannabis delivery anywhere in Brampton or Mississauga. All BC bud. Legacy growers. Free HQ’s. Plus free half ounces for referrals. Call/text 437 288 6986

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