Cherry Gummy – Sativa


Twisted Extracts makes accurately dosed, consistent, high quality edibles. Each pack contains a single 80mg  gummie designed to be broken into 8 pieces (if needed.)

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Twisted Extracts is one of the few edibles companies that we work with. There’s a lot of unscrupulous actors in the edibles game – misrepresenting THC content and inconsistent quality is the norm. Twisted Extracts stands out from the pack based on their honesty, accuracy, and quality. Their “80mg” gummies hit as hard as a lot of brands marketed as much stronger. And it’s a consistent, accurate dosage.

Each pack contains a single gummie designed to be split into 8 parts if needed. As always with edibles, go slow and wait an hour and a half to let the effects kick in before deciding if you want to take more.


We do Canada-wide mail order! And free same day cannabis delivery anywhere in Brampton or Mississauga. All BC bud. Legacy growers. Free HQ’s. Plus free half ounces for referrals. Call/text 437 288 6986

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