Choose the mood you’re looking for

Tested by our Team

Our team of veterans test and rate every strain we sell to identify any of the six unique moods it’ll put you in. We’ve been doing this for a long time – and we’ve gotten pretty damn good at it. Check it out for yourself.


Relaxed, tranquil and meditative. Lower your vibration with cannabis that calms.


For when it’s time to paint, write, code or philosophize. Find your inspiration here.


Sail through the day, get off the couch, and power up with cannabis that leaves you inspired not tired.


Soothing, sedative. Whisks away pain and anxiety, lulls you into a waking dreamstate.


Leaves you at ease but engaged. Prepare for laughs and good times.


Mood boosting high that infuses you with an upbeat energy. A sunny day in cannabis form.