Half-Quarter Order Rewards

Earn free half-quarters when you place orders

How it works

Our rewards program is very simple. For every $120 you spend on flower you earn a free half-quarter (3.5g) of premium flower. It can be any strain of your choice worth $40 dollars.

You can choose any strain of flower, however, only $40 half-quarters are free. If you choose a more expensive half-quarter, you only have to pay the difference. For example, if you choose a $50 dollar half-quarter, you would simply pay the $10 dollar difference. Or if you choose a $45 dollar half-quarter you would only pay $5.

You can track your free half-quarters in your account page, and redeem it whenever you’d like.

There are no limits – You can collect and redeem as many free half-quarters as you’d like.

You can login or register for you account here:

How to do it

    1. When you place an order in our store you will see if you qualify for a free half-quarter.
    2. Your free half-quarter is saved to your account to be claimed on your next order.
  1. Login to your account, add one of the qualifying premium half-quarters to your cart then go to the checkout page.
  2. Use the option box at checkout to redeem any of the free half-quarter rewards you have earned.
  3. Your cart total will be discounted – just finish placing your order and your free half-quarters will be on their way.

The details

  • You collect half-quarters for every order total over $120 of flower.
  • This order total does not include shipping costs or other products.
  • Free half-quarters cannot be combined to get larger quantities for free. For example: you can add two 3.5g premium flower products to your cart and claim two of your rewards, but you cannot add a 7g premium product to your cart and claim your rewards.

Want Free Half-Quarters Faster?

Earn Free Half-Quarters when you refer friends through our referral program.