Kelowna, B.C.

Walt’s Herb Co.

Classic Canadian Cannabis

About the Grower

Famous for two things. The first one: potency. Toke for toke, spliff for spliff, a lot of people say this is the strongest cannabis they’ve tried. The second thing he’s famous for? How underwhelming his crops look to the naked eye. You should think of Walt’s as a beat-up Ford station wagon from the 80’s that some mad genius souped up with a Lamborghini engine. You’d never even notice it – but it’s the fastest thing on the road.

There are no massive, picturesque buds here.  Instead, his buds tend to be medium sized and have a slightly scraggly trim. At first, we couldn’t believe the prices he demanded. However, smoking it made us all believers eventually. The body buzz on his indicas has been described as “like floating in mid-air.” For grizzled daily smokers who have tried everything under the sun, this stuff might be what you’re searching for.

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