Vancouver Island, B.C.

The Hippies

Veterans to the Game

About the Grower

Psssht – they don’t refer to themselves as “the hippies.” But we do. This is our nickname for the Vancouver Island growers that make up a big chunk of our menu. They are veterans who keep it in the family and have generations of experience between them. We’re talking grandparents to grandchildren. You simply can’t fake experience. Expect quality BC bud at great prices. 

Classics include Maui Wowie, Pink Venom, Stripper Spit and more. Their standout strain is probably Orange Creamsicle – it can compete head-to-head against items that are twice the price, with a potent and euphoric sativa high that’s made it our best-selling item for weeks at a time. For most people, these hippies provide the perfect combination of price and quality: low price, great quality.

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