Kootenays, B.C.

Miss Greenthumb

Consistency is Key

About the Grower

These girls are the best at what they do: growing quality weed for a low price. Key word here is *quality.* These days the market is flooded with cheap greenhouse bud being passed off as “indoor.” It often smells like hay, smokes harsh, and gives you a headache instead of getting you high. Not this stuff. The girls behind Miss Greenthumb bring some serious genetics to the table. Everything is indoor and cultivated with expertise.

They’re able to consistently keep their products under 140/oz without compromising quality. We’ve seen crops gassy and sticky enough to compete with 200/oz kushs.  And their exotics often pack a smell that can fill a room with one bag. Our direct relationships with growers like this are the reason we consistently outdo the competition on price and grade. 

Current Products

  • $40.00$180.00

    Alot of people will skip past this because it doesn’t have “kush” or “pink” in the name. That is a major mistake. Because this a dank and pungeant gas that will slap you right upside the head.

  • $40.00$180.00

    Thin Mind Girl Scout Cookies X Sunset Sherbert. Does that sound delicious or what? Two legendary strains came together to product this brilliant confection. Buds are medium sized. Very sticky – sticky enough to pass the wall test. Especially right now because this stuff is freshly landed from BC. Nugs…

  • $40.00$200.00

    Classic, heavy-hitting indica.

  • Sale

    Hard to overstate how much we like this. It hits the sweet spot of 120/oz without compromising an inch on quality. Pure indica stone.

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