Nelson, B.C.

Kraft Kollective

The Kush Crop Kings

About the Grower

These guys are focused on growing the best kush in the world. That means the best high, the cleanest burn, the most classic kush taste. They’ve taken iconic indicas like OG and Pink Kush  – then refined and elevated them. They don’t rush the crop. Nothing is harvested until every drop of potential has been squeezed out.

While they grow a variety of indicas, they all seem to share certain characteristics. A penetrating gassy aroma is the first one. Thick layers of sticky resin is another. And the final one is a paralyzing, opiate-like high that defines the perfect indica stone. Nothing less than cutting edge genetics and world class growers. This is kush for kush connoisseurs.

Current Products

  • $55.00$155.00

    A top end kush from one of the best growers in the game, Kraft Kollective. It’s about the high, not the looks. Connoisseurs will appreciate the perfect cure, resinous buds, smooth smoke, classic kush flavour and potent opiate-like buzz. Debilitatingly powerful high; go slow.

  • $55.00$290.00

    One of the best smelling, gassiest Pink Kush crops we’ve ever had. And one of the most potent. A hardcore indica high that shows no mercy to amateurs.

  • $50.00$280.00

    Kraft Kollective’s cross of Skittlez and Gelato #33. Smells like a bowl of tropical fruit had babies with some ultra-dank bud. Smoke is perfect, high is perfect, and the flavour is perfect.

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