Half-Ounces Referral Rewards

Earn free half-ounces when you refer friends

How it works

Our referral program is very simple. When you refer a new client to Black Label and their first order is over $100, we’ll give you 14g of premium flower and the person you referred a 14g of premium flower – for free.

There are no limits – You’ll earn this reward for every single new client you refer.

Please note you must call in or text us to claim your free half-ounces on all referrals – they cannot be claimed online.

Who it’s for

This referral program is open to anyone and everyone over the age of 19 within Canada. You just need to have an account through our Black Label website, and you can start sharing your referral codes with your friends right away.

You can login or register for you account here:

How to do it

  1. Register for your Black Label account (if you are an existing customer, you just have to log in).
  2. Go-to My Account > Rewards to get your unique Referral Code.
  3. Share your unique Referral Code with anyone and everyone.
  1. When someone uses your Referral Code to sign-up you’ll get an email letting you know. You can also tell them to use your code when they place a phone-in or text order.
  2. When someone you referred makes their first purchase over $100 who, you will get an email letting you know that you’ve earned your reward!
  3. We’ll keep track of your referrals in your account profile.
  1. Call-in or text our team to place your next order over $100 and let our team know you’d like to claim your reward.
  2. We’ll give you 14g of your choice of premium bud up to a value of $110.

The details

  • Referral rewards are only given when a new client is referred to Black Label – not an existing customer with a new account. We match payment, emails, phone numbers, and addresses to protect against fraud.
  • Referral rewards are only awarded when a referred client places their first order and it is valued at $100.
  • The value of the Free Half Ounces must be valued at $110 more less.
  • When you earn a free half-quarter you can collect it when your next order is placed.
    For example: if you place an order today and earn a free half-quarter, you can collect your free half-quarter whenever you place your next order.
  • We will keep track of the referral rewards that have been earned and collected on your profile.
  • Call in or text your orders to claim the referral rewards you have earned.

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