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    Hits that sweet spot right at the middle of quality bud and a low price. Currently features 7g each of: Pink Cyanide (180$), Holy Grail x Pink (170$), Violet Fever (130$) and Wedding Gelato (140$). Get the full ounce of variety for only $120 in this combo. Please Note: Cannot be combined with the free HQ promotion.

  • $40.00$170.00

    Don’t smoke this stuff on the job. It’s potent, narcotic high will turn you into a vegetable.

  • $80.00$140.00

    Strong bud with a satisfying indica stone.

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    This combo is straight fire – filled with higher end products for a cheap price. And it’s got the one everybody wants right now: Island Boys Pink (200/oz.) Features 7g each of: Pink R7 (reg. $180/oz), Island Boys Pink (reg. 120/oz), Pink x Hindu (reg. 180/oz), and Reaper’s original cut of El Jefe (reg. 180/oz.) If you bought these quarters separately it would add up to $240. Get them all in this combo for only $140. Note: cannot be combined with our Free HQ promo.

  • $65.00$110.00

    Very small, sticky nugs with a kushy aroma and a relaxing buzz.

  • $40.00$200.00

    The in house cut of Pink Kush from Island Boys. That should tell you all you need to know.

  • $100.00

    Despite the low price there is nothing in this combo that doesn’t hit you with a proper high. Features 7g each of: Pink Glue smalls (reg. 120/oz), Redwood OG (reg. 100/oz), Mimosa smalls (reg. 110/oz) and Darth Diesel (reg. 120/oz.)

  • $80.00

    A  full ounce for $80. It’s certainly not the most fire bud on the menu, but everything in this combo will get the job done – at a low price. Features 7g each of:  Trainwreck, Recon, Orange Kush and Pink Stutter.

  • $40.00$180.00

    Dark and gassy buds with with an extremely sedating high that reminds us of high quality hash.

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    Darth Vader X Sour Diesel. Pungent acidic aroma with a very potent couch-lock buzz.

  • $80.00

    Might be a couple weeks past it’s prime but make no mistake: this is proper BC bud with a strong, penetrating indica high.

  • $60.00$320.00

    This crop of Walts Patron Pink looks incredible and smokes even better. For those who want the best of the best.

  • $40.00$200.00

    Pink Kush x Cereal Milk. Very high quality bud that hits like a pure kush.

  • $50.00

    Each pack contains 5 king size Pre-rolls, about 1.2 grams each. Currently features the Presidential OG. It’s one of our most popular 200/oz kushs. Large, gassy, sticky buds with an intense high that’s earned it a cult following. Get one pack for $50 or two packs for $80. Remember every Saturday is Pre-Roll Day: get a pack of pre-rolls for half price with any orders over $100, plus our usual Free HQ !

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    This came through an associate of Reaper – and it comes highly recommended.  Reaper told this us was a deal we couldn’t pass up – and he was right.  It’s got massive, boulder-sized nugs that are absolutely covered with resin. These nugs look like they should be framed. They are…

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    All the new drops, all the fire stuff. In one combo. Currently features 7g each of: Pink Cyanide (reg. 180/oz), Oreo (reg. 160/oz),  Pineapple Haze (reg. 160/oz), and the tried and true Island Boy’s Pink (reg. 200/oz.) If bought separately these quarters would add up to $225. Get it all in this combo for only $150. Note: cannot be combined with our Free HQ deal.